Almost nobody else raised such a controversial discussion regarding his historical relevancy than the ancient Egyptian pharao Akhenaten.

Approximately 1350 B.C, as the "first montheist in world history", he dictated the sun god as the God of Egypt, symbolised by the solar disk Aten and declared the rest of the Egyptian gods redundant.

A tempered opposition in the Egyptian population evolved from this religious revolution, which made sure that Akhenaten lapsed into Damnatio memoriae. Therefore his history is been considered as not proven for a long time.

The recent discovery and positive identification of his mummy in a hidden and buried rock cut tomb far away from the valley of the kings, attracted enormous interest among the archaeological world.


Less sensational publicity caused an artefact also found there. It is examined by a leading international research team behind closed doors in the labs of the company SamTec, which is responsible for financing the dig.

One question came up quickly amongst some researchers, which significant role the artefact might have had during the founding of the Cult of Aten.

Prof. Dr. Peter Wonciek, in his capacity as Professor of theoretical Physics at the Technical University Munich, is also part of the team. Yet as a physicist he is less interested in this particular question but much more interested in the pioneering physical characteristics of the research object...

However, the protagonist Julian Hobler does not have a clue when he finds a letter from his former professor Wonciek in his letterbox, together with a plain ticket and a friendly invitation to come around to Egypt for a visit.

Julian decides to accept the invitation right after two dubious contemporaries, you could label as dept-collectors, pop in for a visit and cause a gas explosion in his house.

The trip to Egypt, primarily planned as a short trip, develops to a journey full of secrets, danger, revelations, and dramatic turns.

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At this point, in line with this short introduction into the history of 'Patrimonium,' we would like to present the main characters again.

Pfeil Julian Hobler
Julian Hobler

Julian Hobler, 25 years old, still a bit kittenish, and the main character of the game, just finished his studies of physics successfully. During his time at the university, he chummed up a bit with the slightly absentminded Professor Peter Wonciek.

He can't start working yet though. In fact, he has a long holiday in mind but momentarily he struggles with financing problems.

He repeatedly came up with audacious, paranoid theories about his 70 years old neighbour, and informed the public authorities. Later, each time he promised himself to be better in the future.

Pfeil Peter Wonciek
Professor Peter Wonciek

Peter Wonciek is a professor of theoretical physics at the former university of Julian. He is specialised in the areas of quantum physics, electrochemistry and the breeding of silkworms. The last he carries out solely during leisure time.

Due to his remarkable qualifications, he was invited to Egypt by the organisation SamTec to become a member of a top level research team with the task to analyse the physical properties of an unknown artefact.

At his university, nobody has heard from him since a fairly long time...

Pfeil Jack Johnson and John Jackson
John Jackson und Jack Johnson

John Jackson and Jack Johnson grew up as orphans. Quite early they got a reputation of loyal advocates of the stronger party.

John and Jack achieved first successes in their career as dept-collectors. What, and above all, for whom they work momentarily is unknown, assumedly even not to themselves, as long as the payment is adequate.

There is the rumour in pertinent circles that they are perfect for jobs "nobody else would carry out".

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